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Sunday Brunch Specials
Gulu - Gulu Cafe - Salem, Mass My favorite Cafe in the North Shore is Salem's Gulu-Gulu, with artwork of Boston Terriers all along the walls and the ...
Weekend Adventures: North of Boston
Little Pet Shop of Horrors Where: Mill No. 5When: Saturday October 27th 12 - 5 pmMill No. 5, Lowell’s hidden gem, is the place to be this weekend if ...
Attention Luxury Buyers: New Construction in Newton
Exquisitely renovated, luxurious 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath home located in the magnificent Charles River Country Club neighborhood. This beautiful home was lovely to start but has been transformed into an absolutely stunning property with masterful finished carpentry with an amazing attention to detail. ...
Finding The Condo For you
This week I am bringing you the condos that jump out at me as the BEST BARGAINS in the Northern Massachusetts area! Did you know that many people are really confused about the condo buying process? I have guided hundreds towards their perfect condo. I’ll be here to help when you need me. Call or ...
Eye Candy Thursday
There are some towns where a Million dollars goes a lot further. Each week we are bringing you some of the special homes that we believe to be unique, exceptional or extraordinary in one way or another. Simply put, these are the homes to watch. Click through these images to learn more about your ...
The 6 *BEST Bargains.... serious house hunters need to see.
Ladies and gentlemen I bring you “ The 6”. My 6 hottest picks for this week in the market. In my opinion are the ones to RUSH to see IF you are ready willing and able to buy now. This week’s focus is on Location, Location, Location. I picked these homes due to their fabulous geography. After a ...